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Welcome to our exclusive program for contractors, where loyalty and collaboration translate into tangible benefits. As a leading supplier of fireplaces, we are committed to building lasting relationships with our business partners. Discover how you can maximize your savings and gain access to special offers, dedicated only to our contractors in the fireplace industry.

How It Works:

  1. Create a Contractor Account: Fill out the registration form below and provide your forecasted turnover. Based on this, we will assign you an individual discount level.
  2. Log In and Discover Your Prices: After logging in, you will see prices already including discounts – the more you order, the more benefits we offer. Tailored specifically for our range of fireplaces, these prices are designed to support your business growth.
  3. Enjoy Progressive Discounts: Your orders accumulate, meaning you can achieve up to a 30% permanent discount on our fireplace products.


  • Individual Prices: Access to special prices, tailored to your level of cooperation, especially for our fireplace range.
  • Progressive Discounts: Your discounts increase with the value of orders – more fireplace purchases mean more savings.
  • Exclusive Promotions: As a contractor, you will have access to special offers and promotions not available to regular customers, including exclusive deals on our latest fireplace models.
  • Sales Support: We offer assistance and advice in selecting the right fireplace products to maximize your satisfaction and benefits from purchases.

How to Start:

Ready to discover your exclusive benefits in the fireplace sector? Fill out the registration form below – create your account today and start taking advantage of the best offers prepared especially for you in the world of fireplaces.