Rivia bio


  • Biofireplace with a mantel
  • The highest quality of workmanship
  • Safe burner with TUV certificate


  • color: walnut

Fireplace insert

  • color: black mat
  • entirely made of steel
  • painted with paint resistant to high temperature and damage


  • safe with TUV certificate
  • refined design ensures even combustion across the entire width
  • the ceramic cartridge reduces the risk of bio-fuel spillage
  • made of stainless steel
  • burner width 30,5 cm
  • the width of the fire line 22 cm
  • capacity 0,9 liter
  • burning time 1,5h


  • biofireplace mantel
  • fireplace insert
  • burner with TUV certificate
  • funnel for biofuel
  • mounting accessories
  • assembly and operating manual

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Unique features

Exclusive lacquered mantel in walnut color

It has an interesting front, there are flowers on it, and the columns are decorated with stripes carved in wood.





Many variationsChoose what you like.

There are two mantel colors to choose from:
White, Walnut

Easy to use

Save time and stress

Forget about buying, chopping and stocking wood.

No more smoke, dust and ash.
No more cleaning the fireplace and the area around it.

Thanks to the ethanol used, the bio-fireplace is ecological.

Sit down comfortably and turn the fireplace on.


colors for ethanol

walnut, white


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